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Hypnosis Downloads To Help You Create the life you want

MacKay Solutions Hypnosis Solutions is a leading provider in hypnotherapy solutions. Based in London, UK we have provided hypnotherapy solutions internationally – working with individuals, groups and organisations. We provide the highest quality services and are committed to helping you get the results you want. People are capable of getting incredible results in their lives and hypnosis is probably the most effective way to unlock your true potential.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, relaxing and incredibly effective way to make changes in your life. In fact hypnosis may be one of the most effective tools for change that exists today. Hypnosis is nothing like what people see on most television shows and films, but is in fact a way to get in touch with your subconscious resources to be more in control of your life. Many leading hypnotherapists have said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis – rather than someone ‘commanding’ you, you give yourself the suggestions – so when you listen to the hypnotherapy downloads you take the suggestions that are most appropriate to you.

Hypnosis can help you build your confidence, stop smoking, lose weight, get rid of phobias, manage stress, improve your health, sleep better and many other things. Hypnotherapy downloads can be an incredibly effective way to get great results – one of the most important ways to benefit from hypnosis is through repeated listening to positive suggestions, and therefore our hypnosis recordings are an ideal way to get the results you want.

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There are lots of hypnotherapy mp3s out there – what makes our recordings unique are that they are made by leading international hypnotherapist Tom MacKay, who has been working as a hypnotherapist in London and internationally for over 23 years and they have been carefully crafted using the most effective techniques from hypnosis, psychology, cognitive behavioural techniques, mindfulness and guided visualizations.